Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glasses for Blind Justice

After over 200 years of Justice being blind, enemies of the U.S. Constitution are wanting to improve it by getting glasses for Blind Justice. By giving groups "special" privileges, these enemies of our Constitution are stripping our very justice system of "equal protection under the law".

This seems to be a ploy to tear down our wonderful Constitution, don't you think?


  1. We may have three branches of Government in this great nation, but there is only one effective way to alter what is happening - That is to alter the makeup of the executive and legislative branches of the Government. Change in the Judicial branch is dependent on being successful in the other two branches. At some time our organization (along with many others) is going to need to formulate a plan to effect change, and I think that the couple from Oregon have a lot of useful information on how they were able to effect that change in a liberal state. If we are to have Judges that will uphold the Constitution, then we need representatives, and a president that will nominate and confirm such. I see no other course of action.
    Buddy Ault